#50Booksin52Weeks – March

I finished one book short in February.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to Build Your Best Writing Life (which, incidentally, is probably the one book I should have made an effort to get to). The books I chose for February took a bit longer to read than I anticipated, and by the time the last week came around I was struggling to finish The Gown on time. But I did! Three out of four isn’t bad, and I anticipated at least one or two months where I would miss a book, which is why the name of the game isn’t #52Booksin52Weeks. I’ll catch up in the summer, when I’ll hopefully have extra hours by the pool to indulge in a book.

I’ll get to Build Your Best Writing Life eventually, but I’m enjoying the fiction roll I’m on. Read on for a list of the books I’ve chosen for March!

Week 1: Vanilla Bean Vengeance (Claire’s Candles #1) by Agatha Frost

Week 2: The Secret Ingredient by Nancy Naigle

Week 3: Just Friends (The Agency, Book 1) by Elizabeth Grey

Week 4: The Time of My Life by Cecilia Ahern

To hear my impressions of these books, and to get a free Silver Bells short story, be sure to sign up for my newsletter, which goes out at the end of each month!

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