Monthly Round-Up: May

I hope everyone is still safe, well, and not going too crazy after nearly three months of being inside. Summer is almost here and things may be loosening up, but please remember that we still need to be careful, conscientious and considerate to keep things moving in the right direction – down!

For those looking for books to pass the time we still spend indoors, for recipes to bring to socially-distant cookouts, or just for new things to try, read on for what I did in May!


The Clause in Christmas by Rachel Bloome was one of my favorite books of 2019. She’s back with the follow-up, The Truth in Tiramisu, which tells the story of Eliza and a secret from her past that resurfaces and threatens everything she holds dear. Just like its predecessor, The Truth in Tiramisu is a sweet, enjoyable read with a picturesque setting and characters you come to love.

And if you enjoy it as much as I did, a third book – The Secret in Sandcastles – is available for pre-order now!


One can never have access to too many streaming networks. As a lifelong royal watcher, thanks to my mom (who pulled four-month-old me out of my crib to watch Charles and Di’s wedding in 1981), True Royalty TV is the latest addition to my own collection of streaming subscriptions. It has plenty on the British royals, of course, but also content on other royal families of the world, so I was very excited to find a special on the murder of the Romanovs and subsequent hunt to find and identify their skeletons. If you’re interested in royalty or royal history, check it out! The prices are extremely reasonable – you can get three months for less than one month of Netflix.


One of my favorite things to make in my Instant Pot is cheesecake. It only takes half an hour to cook, you don’t need to fuss over it or worry about it cracking, and it makes a considerably smaller cake – which works well since it’s just the two of us eating it. I had been using one recipe that everyone I knew swore by,  but I was never 100% happy with how it turned out, so I decided to try another one. I discovered this one from, baked it for my mom for Mother’s Day (since we couldn’t do our typical barbecue, I delivered it to her for dessert), and she raved about it. I then discovered that the blogger, Barbara Schieving, has a cookbook of Instant Pot desserts. I bought it and immediately tried a lemon variation on the chocolate mint cheesecake. It came out so delicious that I’m pretty sure I’ll be baking my way through that whole cheesecake chapter before moving on to the others – lava cakes, bundt cakes, and even pies. Hello, Quarantine 15!

That’s all for May! What did you do? What are your plans for June?

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