#50Booksin52Weeks – June

Summer is here – not my favorite season, as regular readers of this blog already know, but honestly  the first half of this year was so awful, I’m trying to look at it as  the turning of a page. At least with the weather being nicer, it will be safer to socialize as long as we can keep it outside, and if there’s one thing I miss it’s getting to spend regular time with my family. I’d also planned a few things that should still be doable despite the current state of things – there’s a good chance our pool will open, if on a limited basis, and the local farm that allows visitors to pick their own fruit is still allowing it, albeit with pre-registration requirements and masks (here’s hoping that when I go to pick blackberries and peaches in July, I’ll still be able to breathe through my mask!). 

My writing critique group, which eventually evolved into Five Directions Press, celebrates our 12th anniversary this month too! Back in 2008 I was a newlywed with one third of a terrible historical manuscript under my belt. Thanks to those ladies, I was eventually able to turn that atrocity into a publishable book which, while not a masterpiece by any means, has gotten consistently good reviews from readers. I never could’ve done that without them! And while historical fiction might not be the genre I choose to focus on after all, everything I’ve learned from them has helped make each subsequent manuscript that much better.

Finally, summer means longer days – which means more time to read. My list for June is pretty good, so if you’re looking for ideas, keep reading!

Week 1: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Week 2: The Serpent and the Pearl by Kate Quinn

Week 3: Love Connection by Camilla Isley

Week 4: If You Must Know by Jamie Beck

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