Review: The Matchmaker by Catriona Innes

I met my husband in a bar. Twice.

The story is a funny one, and maybe some time I’ll share it here, but the point is that you never know when, where, or how you’ll find the one you’re meant to be with. Sometimes you might head to a bar with a friend in hopes of getting drunk enough to forget the guy who broke your heart and randomly stumble across The One, or sometimes you reach out to a person with a very specific talent and trust them to set you up with the person she just knows is your perfect match. 

The former is my story. The latter is the premise of The Matchmaker, a charming and surprisingly affecting story about a woman named Caitlin who runs a matchmaking agency in her small English village. Caitlin’s perfect marriage to Harry serves as the ultimate success story, and she promises her clients their own fairytale endings. But behind the scenes, not all is what it seems, and as we learn more about Caitlin’s past and her present, we start to ask one very important question – where exactly is Harry?

The question is answered about halfway through the book, as Caitlin deals with the repercussions of her fantasy life colliding with reality and its effects on her ability to promise happy-ever-after to those who put their trust in her. It has plenty of comedic moments and expertly deals with loss, grief, female friendships and the intricacies of mother-daughter relationships in ways that never feel anything but completely real.

Caitlin is an endearing character and the story is ultimately satisfying. While more women’s fiction than traditional romance, it should appeal to anyone who enjoys thinking about the possibility of forever love no matter the circumstances.

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